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Our Vision and Mission

Our vision: The dream of the Kafakumba Training Center was born out of the harsh realities of Central Africa. The poverty, disease, suffering and hopelessness found throughout the region is widely known, though poorly understood. Billions of dollars have been spent through the years by governments, NGOs, and church organizations to try and correct this unacceptable situation with very few lasting results to show for all the money spent. Absolutely central to any transformation for the people of Central Africa is education. I (John Enright) was acutely aware of this when in 1985 I started taking teams of teachers to rural villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We would go for a week and teach large groups of people everything from agriculture to basic health care to character development. The results were quite surprising. Most of the teachers and participants promptly contracted dysentery because of the appalling sanitation conditions in the villages. After a few of these less than successful conferences it became clear that a conference center with modern facilities was needed.

The vision for the Kafakumba Training Center involves four things:

1. CREATION OF HOPE - the creation of a world class conference center that will operate as an engine to share God's love in word and deed;

2. CREATION OF SUSTAINABILITY - the creation of businesses in Zambia that will make the operation totally self-sustaining as well as create surplus capital to be used in investing in other locations for Christian activities;

3. CREATION OF KINGDOM PEOPLE - to empower and uplift the people that we work with in these businesses so that they can both experience the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ and also serve as an example of what society will look like when people's lives are founded on the Kingdom of God; and

4. CREATION OF KINGDOM COMMUNITIES - Kafakumba Training Center with the help of the funds created by the businesses will invest in and empower people who have come to the center for learning and return to their home communities.

The goal of the Kafakumba Training Center is to duplicate itself all over central Africa through the empowering of local people who have come to the center, discovered God's abundant life in Jesus Christ, and returned to their home communities to share it with their neighbors and friends. This empowerment would include teaching, training, financial investment, creation of successful businesses, and working together to create synergy through mutual assistance.

Our mission: To equip the people of Africa with an understanding of the principles of the Kingdom of God in order to transform their lives...

Our strategy: The Kafakumba Training Center is the focus of our education ministry. At KTC, we provide spiritual and life skills training to student pastors, local women, youth, and children. We have also started several small businesses such as a woodworking shop, fish farming, and honey production. In addition to providing jobs and enhancing the local economy, our goal is for these businesses to fund the Training Center's operation.

Our core values: We call our core values "The Seven Principles of the Kingdom of God." We believe that these seven principles, as revealed in Holy Scripture, are reality - that they represent the truth of God's presence in the world and in our lives.

These principles are the foundation for all that we do and hope for at Kafakumba. Our vision to bring new life to the people of Central Africa is based on the following seven principles:

Community: We believe in the pre-eminence of living in community, with respect for our neighbors and the world that we share. Scripture: I Cor. 12:12-27

Servanthood: We follow the example of Jesus Christ in making ourselves servants to others; we live and teach in the spirit of servant leadership.Scripture: John 13:1-17

Focus on the least: Just as Christ focused his work on people at the margins of community, we commit ourselves to the poorest and most marginalized of our community. Scripture: Matt. 25:31-46

Trusteeship: We believe that all that we have is a gift. Not only are we good stewards of those gifts, but we are trustees, building a future for the people and places of Central Africa. Scripture: Matt. 21:33-46

Nonviolence: We have seen war and seen the great evil and devastation that it wreaks on its innocent victims. We commit ourselves to the message of peace found in the teachings of Jesus Christ: "Blessed are the peacemakers." Scripture: Matt. 5:38-48 and Matt. 21:1-17

Love: We make love our greatest aim, seeking to love God and our neighbors as instructed by Christ. Compassionate love, as described by St. Paul in I Corinthinians 13, is our guide and the standard against which we measure all of our endeavors. Scripture: I Cor. 13

Unity: Just as Christ prayed for unity in his last prayer for his disciples, so we pray that we find unity in our lives and work. We commit ourselves to the sacredness of all of life, work, and the world - so that might indeed be One. Scripture: Luke 13:18, Acts 11:19-21

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