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Our Mission (why we exist)

To equip the people of Africa with an understanding of the principles of the Kingdom of God in order to transform their lives...

Our Vision (where we're going)

A self-sustaining ministry model of individual empowerment that can be transported anywhere in Africa... Read more >>

Our Strategy (how we're doing it)

The Kafakumba Training Center is the focus of our education ministry. At KTC, we provide spiritual and life skills training to student pastors, local women, youth, and children. We have also started several small businesses such as a woodworking shop, fish farming, and honey production. In addition to providing jobs and enhancing the local economy, our goal is for these businesses to fund the Training Center's operation.

The Kafakumba Training Center      Economic Development

A Deep Gladness: Stories from the Lives of Ken and Lorraine Enright

"Imagine the terror of being held captive and threatened with execution or surviving the life-threatening injuries of two airplane crashes..."

In this new book by Gina Riendeau, Lorraine Enright recounts some of the rich stories that characterized her five decades of missionary service with her husband Ken Enright.

"A Deep Gladness" is available in bookstores and online at Amazon.com. All proceeds from book sales go to the Kafakumba Pastors' School Fund.

The Pastors' School Fund

The annual Pastors' School is the premiere event at the Kafakumba Training Center. It is the means by which we equip and train pastors to carry the Gospel throughout Central Africa. Pastors' School is also an expensive activity, requiring annual funding from friends and donors as well as many volunteer hours from teachers and helpers.

The Kafakumba Pastors' School Fund is a vehicle for providing a permanent source of funding for the Kafakumba Pastors' School. Established in 2011, the Fund's goal is to raise $1,500,000 to be invested under the control of a legal Foundation. Earnings from the fund are sent to Kafakumba to offset the costs of the Pastors' School. Click one of the links below to download a brochure about the Fund and learn how you may be able to help.

2013 Pastors' School Graduation and 50th Anniversary Celebration


June 14, 2013 was a glorious day as the 2013 Pastors' School graduating class received their diplomas and we celebrated 50 years of Kafakumba Pastors' School. See more by clicking here.

Pastors' School Overview Video

Pastors' School

This video is an overview of the Kafakumba Pastors' School after 50 years of operation. It features comments from current and past students and some words from Lorraine Enright, who, with her husband Ken, started Kafakumba Pastors' School in 1963.

You can watch other Kafakumba videos here.

Kafakumba in Pictures

Kafakumba is located near Ndola, Zambia. The transforming work being done at Kafakumba is best experienced in person. As an alternative, take a visit via the Kafakumba Scrapbook! Visit the scrapbook

Map Scrapbook

The Enright Family Story


John Enright has spent most of his life in Africa. While attending college in the U.S. he met his wife, Kendra, who shared his passion for Africa. Today, along with their two grown sons, they're making a tremendous difference in the lives of many Zambians as they lead the ministry at Kafakumba.
Learn more about the Enrights

What Does "Kafakumba" mean?

The name "Kafakumba" comes from Kafakumba Lake in the Democratic Republic of Congo where the Enrights first started ministry. Storks lived at the lake, but the local people killed many of them. The lake was named "Kafakumba", which means "the stork died" or "the dead stork." When the ministry was moved to Zambia, the name came, too. However, in Zambia, "Kafakumba" sounds similar to the local words for "the pig died" or "the dead pig." This caused problems as the people wondered what sort of new neighbors would name their place "The Dead Pig." But the past several years have proven that Kafakumba is actually a wonderful example of how God's love can transform lives.